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                When ILMA staff and the Association’s members need   better manage their businesses and succeed. ILMA’s
                assistance with industry issues, ILMA’s consultants are the   consultants are highly experienced industry veterans Jeffrey
                ones they can lean on for the information they need — the   Leiter, Matt Levetown, John Howell, Luc Girard and James
                information that keeps ILMA and its members abreast of   Eggenschwiler. These 5 experts keep this industry’s wheel
                everything they need to know about how to stay compliant,   of knowledge turning without a squeak.

                Jeffrey L. Leiter  Jeffrey L. Leiter, principal at Bassman, Mitchell, Alfano & Leiter Chtd., is ILMA’s general counsel.
                                  He’s been with the Association for nearly 40 years and is an indispensable font of knowledge
                                  on pretty much everything. He writes regularly for ILMA’s trade magazine, Compoundings, in the
                                  column Counsel Compound, covering all manner of potential legal issues that might affect ILMA’s
                                  member companies, as well as giving updates on legislative and regulatory activity crucial to
                                  thriving in business. He is also a frequent speaker at ILMA and other industry meetings.

                Matthew J. Levetown  Matthew J. Levetown, associate attorney at Bassman, Mitchell, Alfano & Leiter Chtd., is ILMA’s
                                  regulatory counsel. He works closely with ILMA’s Safety, Health, Environmental and Regulatory
                                  Affairs (SHERA) and Metalworking Fluids Committees (MWF), and writes articles on regulatory
                                  issues for ILMA’s trade magazine, Compoundings, in the column Washington Landscape. Levetown
                                  earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2018 from the University of Virginia’s School of Law and his
                                  undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech.

                John Howell       John Howell is president of GHS Resources Inc. Since 2014, he has been industry guru to the SHERA
                                  and MWF Committees. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in the metalworking fluids business,
                                  with over 20 of those relating to safety, health and environmental affairs. He works to provide
                                  ILMA, its manufacturing members and their customers with detailed, up-to-date information
                                  affecting them in those spaces.

                Luc Girard        Luc Girard is president of Sanjuro Consulting and ILMA’s testing program consultant, working
                                  closely with the Ethics Committee and the Southwest Research Institute, which tests ILMA
                                  member products. He ensures the testing program runs as smoothly as possible and maintains
                                  impartiality. He is the one who harnesses the relationship between ILMA and product samplers
                                  and testers. Girard regularly updates members on the testing program’s findings and important
                                  industry issues at ILMA’s two yearly meetings.

                James Eggenschwiler  James Eggenschwiler is director of global trade for the Redstone Group, where he frequently serves
                                  as primary liaison with government authorities on behalf of product manufacturers formulators and
                                  distributors around the world. He is working closely with ILMA’s Global Affairs & Trade Committee.
                                  Eggenschwiler has spent nearly 20 years building and directing in-country operations in Asia and
                                  South America. On a more strategic level, he has helped lead trade and regulatory development
                                  discussions on behalf of U.S. state governments with various international government agencies,
                                  port authorities, and judicial and administrative enforcement bodies, including the Supreme
                                  People’s Court and the Shanghai High People’s Court in the People’s Republic of China.

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