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            Get engaged with ILMA! There is an opportunity to get more involved with ILMA and
            to have your voice heard through the various ILMA committees . Interested in joining
            a committee community? Contact us today! ilma@ilma .org

            Ethics Committee                                  Presidents Forum

            Ensures the correct interpretation and enforcement of   Dedicated to improving member relations within the industry
            ILMA’s Code of Ethics.                            and promoting lubricants throughout the community.
            Chair: Greg T. Julian,  Advanced Lubrication Specialties  Chair: Cathy Novak, Palmer Holland Inc .

            Innovative Business Council                       Supplier Member Committee
            Provides a forum where members can discuss making   Provides a resource for supplier members to voice
            a difference in the lubricants industry through new   concerns and opinions about industry trends and
            business trends and innovations.                  Association activities.
            Chair: David Richards, Richards Apex Inc .        Chair: Trey Lominack, Evonik Corporation

            Global Affairs & Trade Committee                  Safety, Health, Environmental
                                                              & Regulatory Affairs (SHERA)
            Focuses on adding value to the ILMA membership
            by enabling the growth of international business   Committee
            opportunities. The committee promotes the exchange   Provides guidance regarding existing and emerging
            of information globally through collaboration on topics   safety, health, environmental and regulatory issues
            and issues pertaining to regulatory, logistics, legal, tax   related to the lubricants industry and their impact on
            and the general business environment.             ILMA members and end users.
            Chair: Ron Powell,  Moroil Technologies           Chair: TBD

            Metalworking Fluids Committee

            Follows issues concerning manufacturers and suppliers
            for the metalworking lubricants sector.
            Chair: Julie Thomas,  Master Fluid Solutions                 The value of knowledge
                                                                         is made even greater when
            Metalworking Fluids Product
            Stewardship Group® (MWFPSG)                         it is shared, and ILMA has made
                                                                great strides to ensure we’re
            A self-funded cooperative research and advocacy group
            promoting product stewardship for manufacturers of   sharing information as broadly
            metalworking fluids.                                                  as possible.”
            Chair: Ike Tripp Jr., Etna Products Inc .

                                                                                  Dave Croghan, vice
                                                                                  president and general
                                                                                  manager, Maxum

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