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                This Code of Ethics is intended to promote the highest   II. RULES OF ETHICS
                ethical and moral standards of professional conduct
                in the lubricants industry. Each ILMA member agrees   These Rules of Ethics provide mandatory and specific
                to abide by this Code of Ethics and will provide to the   standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct
                Association an annual affirmation in a form prescribed   for all members of the Association. These Rules of Ethics
                by ILMA. The Association intends that this Code of   are enforceable by the Association under the procedures
                Ethics be interpreted and enforced reasonably, fairly   provided in Section III of this Code.
                and objectively.                                  Members of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers
                                                                  Association shall:
                I. PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS
                                                                   A. manufacture, compound, blend, produce and supply
                These Principles of Ethics are aspirational goals of   products and services in compliance with applicable
                professional conduct for all Association members. All   industry standards, test specifications and operating
                members of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers   procedures as prescribed by the American Society
                Association pledge to:                               for Testing Materials, the Society of Automotive
                A. adhere to a standard of excellence in manufacturing,   Engineers, the American Petroleum Institute,
                  blending, producing, packaging, promoting and      American Chemistry Council, other standard-setting
                  marketing;                                         organizations recognized generally in the industry
                                                                     and/or local, state or federal contracting authorities;
                B. maintain and service all accounts efficiently and
                  professionally;                                  B. maintain quality control and testing procedures
                                                                     for products and services to ensure that required
                C. monitor technological developments to assure
                  availability of the highest-quality product and the   standards and specifications have been met and are
                  imposition of the most stringent standards within the   accurately reflected;
                  lubricants industry;                             C. assure that all product and promotional information,
                                                                     including statements designed
                D. provide opportunities for professional advancement
                  of employees by assisting them to acquire additional   D. or which can be interpreted to describe the properties
                  knowledge and increased technical competence;      or performance of the product, are accurate and are
                                                                     not misleading;
                E. impose strict quality controls throughout the
                  lubricant manufacturing and marketing process;   E. fill all containers of lubricant products to the labeled
                                                                     volume or weight and comply with the provisions of
                F. represent and market all products and services    Handbook 44 of the National Conference on Weights
                  fairly and accurately; protect and enhance the     and Measures (NIST Handbook 44);
                  environment and
                                                                   F. comply with all laws and regulations relating to
                G. the health and safety of their employees, their
                  customers’ employees, and consumers through the    the manufacture and distribution of lubricants,
                  safe and responsible use and disposal of potentially   including applicable antitrust, occupational safety
                  hazardous substances; and                          and health and environmental laws and regulations
                                                                     and the applicable provisions of Handbook 130 of the
                H. always be guided by a spirit of justice, honor and   National Conference on Weights and Measures (NIST
                  fairness within their communities and in all dealings   Handbook 130).
                  with other members of the lubricants industry and
                  with associated industries.                      For Part III, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES,
                                                                   please go to www .ilma .org and  click on “Code
                                                                   of Ethics,” in the “About ILMA” menu .

                                                                   Adopted April 12, 1984. Amended April 30, 1994, April 2, 2005,
                                                                   and Dec. 4, 2013.

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