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THE SOURCE FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION NEWS AND ANALYSIS                                       FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2021    |   VOLUME 79, NO. 14

                                                                  Northeast Corridor

                                                                  Commission Announces

                                                                  15-Year Reinvestment Plan

                                                                  THE NORTHEAST CORRIDOR COMMISSION        trips between the greater Washington D.C. and
                                                                  (NEC) released its 15-year plan, CONNECT NEC   Boston regions. “It is imperative that together
                                                                  2035 (C35), July 14, representing what the com-  we seize this once-in-a-generation opportu-
                                                                  mission calls the most ambitious reinvestment   nity to replace aging assets, add rail capacity,
             Through the use of multi-power systems, including hybrid-battery   program in its history. C35 includes a new way   improve performance and enhance the customer
             operation, Amtrak’s new trains from Siemens will offer environmental   of planning: a multi-agency, multi-year, shared   experience along the entire corridor through the
             benefits through reduced emissions as compared to the existing fleet.  action plan guided by a long-term vision.  advancement of the vital and ambitious C35
                                                                   The state governments of the Northeast, the
             Siemens Mobility                                     federal government, eight commuter rail agen-  FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez said that
                                                                  cies and Amtrak worked together through the
                                                                                                             creating C35 will “result in safer, faster and
             Awarded Historic                                     commission to develop “a detailed and            more reliable travel for commuters
                                                                  efficient sequencing of infrastructure
                                                                                                                      throughout the Northeast region.
             Amtrak Contracts                                     investments covering 150 projects                    It will also connect transit riders,
                                                                  and capital renewal efforts along
                                                                                                                        all along the corridor, with the
                                                                                                                         intercity trains that so many
                                                                  the corridor.”
                                                                   C35 is the first phase of the                         communities and businesses
             SIEMENS MOBILITY HAS BEEN AWARDED $3.4 BILLION       long-term vision for the corridor                      rely on to get individuals to
             in contracts to design, manufacture and technically support   established in FRA’s 2017 NEC                 work and essential services.
             73 multi-powered trains for Amtrak, with potential for up to   FUTURE plan, making significant              C35 will do so while taking
             140 additional trains and maintenance agreements.    improvements to NEC rail service                      cars off the road and helping
               The trains will operate throughout the Northeast Corridor   for both existing and new riders, on        to lessen the impacts of climate
             and across various state-supported routes, including oper-  both commuter rail systems and Amtrak.      change. I look forward to its full
             ations in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina,   The $117 billion C35 plan would result in a   implementation.”
             Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, D.C.       renewed NEC that benefits a thriving Northeast   Joseph Giulietti, commissioner, Connecticut
               “These new trains will reshape the future of rail travel by   region.                       DOT, called C35 rail investments the “building
             replacing our aging 40-to-50-year-old fleet with state-of-  “Improving the NEC rail system is a vital multi-  blocks for our country’s future and transform-
             the-art, American-made equipment,” said Amtrak CEO Bill   state effort,” said Amit Bose, FRA deputy admin-  ing the Northeast. As a blueprint for making
             Flynn. “This investment is essential to preserving Northeast   istrator and NEC Commission co-chair. “C35 is   tangible and significant social, equitable and
             Regional and state-supported services for the future and will   a sequenced plan and a mobilizing force that   economic impact in countless communities,
             allow our customers to travel comfortably and safely, while   not only puts people back at work renewing the   we have an opportunity to reshape how people
             reducing carbon emissions.”                          NEC, but also supports new travel patterns as   move—where and why—for this generation and
               The order includes dual-power and hybrid-battery trains.   our economy returns to full strength.”  the next. Connectivity will be key to ensuring
             The first will be delivered in 2024, while the first of its kind   Kevin Corbett, president & CEO, NJ TRANSIT
             Venture Hybrid battery train will begin testing in 2025. The   and NEC Commission co-chair, said, “The corri-  NORTHEAST CORRIDOR REINVESTMENT
             trains for the Northeast Corridor and state supported routes   dor supports more than 800,000 daily passenger   CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
             will be delivered from 2024 through 2030. Through the use
             of multi-power systems, including hybrid-battery operation,
             they will also provide a substantial environmental benefit
             through reduced emissions compared to the existing fleet.   FTA Launches Enhanced
             Accompanying the manufacturing contract will be a long-
             term service agreement for technical support, spare parts
             and material supply.                                 Transit Safety and Crime
               The trains feature more comfortable seating, individual
             power outlets and USB ports, onboard Wi-Fi, enhanced
             lighting and panoramic windows, a more contemporary food   Prevention Initiative
             service experience, as well as state-of-the-art customer trip
             information, digital seat reservation system and navigation
             display systems. The trains will have the latest health and
             safety standards, including enhanced HVAC, touchless   FTA HAS LAUNCHED ITS ENHANCED TRANSIT SAFETY AND CRIME
             restroom controls, and automated steps. In addition, they     Prevention Initiative to provide information and resources to help public transit
             will be designed with Amtrak’s new standard of enhanced   agencies address and prevent crime on their systems and protect transit work-
             accessible features, including inductive hearing loops,   ers and riders. Public transit worker and rider safety is a top priority for the
             accessible restrooms and vestibules, accessible food service   Biden-Harris Administration and USDOT.
             car, and lifts for customers with reduced mobility, including   Access the resources at programs/
             wheelchair users.                                    safety/enhanced-transit-safety-and-crime-prevention- initiative. For more infor-
                                                                  mation, contact
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